Beauty Treatment


Making appointments

  • Please call us on 9585 0001 if you'd like to book an appointment

  • We cannot respond to clinical enquiries or provide medical advice by email. If you have a question about your symptoms or management, please call the clinic to make an appointment

  • Due to ongoing high demand, wait times can be several months

  • We do maintain a cancellation list and will do our best to prioritise and bring forward appointments when we get cancellations

  • If this happens, we will notify you via SMS. Please reply promptly to reserve your spot; if we don't hear from you, we will give it to another patient


  • Many of the scripts we issue require specific government approval and cannot be easily reissued; therefore, please take care not to lose them

  • If you require additional script, first please check your previous script to see if there are any additional repeats available; the chemist may have them on file, ready to fill

  • Unfortunately, our software provider does not yet support eScripts so all scripts must be picked up in person, or faxed to your local chemist

  • We may charge a $40 administrative fee to replace lost or expired scripts

GP referrals

  • You do not need a referral from your GP to make an appointment

  • However, a referral helps us maintain continuity of care with your GP

  • Also, you must have a current referral to claim your Medicare benefits

  • Ensuring you have a current referral is your responsibility and we do not provide reminders about your referral status

  • Medicare considers each new condition to be a separate course of treatment, requiring its own referral

  • To be valid, a referral must have been issued by your doctor within the last 12 months

  • GP referrals last for 12 months from the date of your first consultation with us, and cover any subsequent reviews arranged by the dermatologist

  • If you have not seen the dermatologist within the last 9 months, you will need a new referral – even if the previous referral is still valid – as Medicare considers the previous course of treatment to have finished

Costs and payments

  • Fees are due in full on the day of the consultation

  • Credit cards (Mastercard/Visa), Apple Pay, Samsung Pay etc are preferred

  • As we are a private clinic, we are unable to offer bulk billing for medical consultations

  • We are happy to lodge your Medicare claim for benefits, which will be paid directly into your account within a few days

  • Additional services (eg biopsies, hyperhidrosis treatment) attract an additional charge and Medicare rebate

  • If you have a biopsy or a lesion excised, you will receive a separate bill from the specialist pathology laboratory; this is payable directly to the service provider

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